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The Subaru Vivio is classified in Japan as a "Kei" (k) car. This category has strict rules on the size of the car, from the body right down to the engine and power output. Although there are a variety of k-cars that are turbo or supercharged, their maximum output allowed by Japanese law is 64 hp. The normally-aspirated Vivio gives out 52 hp, but with a little modification, it is not difficult to raise this figure a little.

As common with Japanese cars, higher end models of the Vivio are packed with features, including:

  • 16V DOHC Supercharged engine
  • 6 speed transmission
  • 4 wheel drive
  • Factory bodykit and sports wheels
  • Sports interior
  • Power windows and central locking
As quoted by Subaru Italy, "despite the moderate exterior size the 5 door Vivio is a remarkable, comfortable car, thanks to the functional utilization of the inside space...the 4WD system can be activated at any speed by simply pressing a button on the gear lever."


Engine Type 4 cylinder in-line OHC 8 valve with
electronic multi-point fuel injection
Engine Capacity 658 c.c. (yes, not even 1 litre!)
Max Power 52 hp at 7,200 rpm
Max Torque 54 nm at 5,600 rpm
Drive 5 speed front wheel drive
Body Type 5 door hatch or 3 door hatch (4 seater)
Front Suspension MacPherson struts, coil springs and dampers
Rear Suspension 2-link strut type, coil springs and dampers
Brakes Disc (F) and Drums (R)
Wheels Alloy rims 12 inch diameter
Tyres Some lousy OEM tyres
Kerb Weight 665 kgs
Power to Weight Ratio 13kg/1bhp
Average Fuel Consumption 6.5L/100km